Throughout human history, the only true constant has been conflict and chaos driven by those who seek power or superiority over others. In an era of uncertainty and in a country divided in as many ways possible it is more important now than ever in the past that we allow logic and reasoning to determine the course of our future.

This website and social media profiles associated with it are ran independently with the hope of encouraging others to research and communicate with each other. Personally I am not affiliated with any political parties, I would classify myself as an independent moving between the parties where necessary and in support of my individual views.

Articles published on this website will include all source material so individuals can do their research and develop their understanding of the policies and issues that are being driven by each of the political parties. While initial articles may appear hyper-critical of the current administration, they are the ones that are in the active power of the United States, and as such the individual instances called out are more prevalent.

There will be numerous polls in the future to help determine the advancements of the future articles released, the overall goal is to build an independent media site that provides accurate and important information to all who seek it.

A nation divided by Party

A nation divided by Priorities

A nation divided by Ideas

The Unstable States